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A scientist who studies soils in urban areas, with a focus on green infrastructure and storm water management, ecological restoration, community gardens and urban agriculture, open space inventory and site suitability.

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Urban Soil Scientist

Urban Soil Scientist

Douglas Gayeton

Urban Soil Scientist

Before planting their crops, urban farmers first ask soil scientists like Richard Shaw of NRCS whether heavy metals like lead and arsenic lurk in their soils.

Location: A vacant lot, Bronx, NY
Featuring: Richard Shaw
Richard has conducted soil survey activities for the Natural Resource Conservation Service in New Jersey & New York since 1996. His assistance includes compiling soil maps, training sessions, workshops, and lectures, conducting onsite investigations one nearly one hundred urban farms, community and school gardens in the New York metropolitan area. He also does occasional "soil shops" in selected neighborhoods to test soils for gardeners, homeowners, and concerned residents.

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