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Community Supported Agriculture=CSA

Community Supported Agriculture=CSA

Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability

Community Supported Agriculture=CSA

Location: Cure Organic Farms, Boulder, CO

Featuring: Anne Cure

Buying a CSA membership means entering into partnership with a local farm. The member buys a subscription at the beginning of the season. This cash infusion allows the farmer to pay for seed, water, equipment and labor early season when farm expenses are high and farm income is low. In return the farm provides its members with a box of fresh picked seasonal produce each week. CSAs build community by reconnecting its members to the seasons and fostering relationships between members and the people who grow their food.

At Anne’s farm:
1.CSA subscribers choose between three box sizes
2. They directly engage farmers who can share the stories behind everything grown on the farm.
3. CSA members are free to create their own boxes, to choose their own produce.
4. If CSA members don’t like an item in their box (beets for example) they can exchange it for something else here.

“Our goal is not to grow food for the whole world. It’s to grow really good food for 175 families.”

I ask Anne Cure what led her to create CSA for 175 local families and she says, “There's nothing better than knowing whom you're growing your food for. That Alicia and Quentin love the fava beans. Mark and Anne who can’t wait for the San Marzanos. Or Oliver and Eli, who will eat these carrots before they leave the farm. We want to share the farm’s stories and create a place people feel a part of. When people learn about their food, how vegetables and animals are raised, they form a deeper relationship with the land. We commit to feeding as many families as our land can healthily provide for. This includes over a hundred varieties of vegetables and flowers grown during the year.”