Growing Farmers

Growing Farmers

Photo by Douglas Gayeton

Growing Farmers



As agriculture shifts from small family farms to large industrial producers, who will train the next generation of American farmers? Stone Barns is an initiative to grow the next generation of farmers, with an ecological consciousness. The average age of the American Farmer is 57*.

The Growing Farmers Initiative at Stone Barns is designed to increase the number of sustainable small and mid-size farms through internships, workshops and conferences that ...

1) increase technical knowledge of organic and sustainable agriculture production and processing

2) show small farmers how to enhance their operations, build qualified staff, and gain access to land and markets

3) provide opportunities for beginning farmers to build strong networks of personal and professional support.

Pastured Poultry

Pastured Poultry

Location: Stone Barns Center for Food Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, NY
Featuring: Craig Haney and Megan

The raising of pastured poultry embraces “humane, people-friendly, environmentally enhancing “ practices, says Craig Haney of Stone Barns Center for Food Agriculture.

After feathering out (and as the season permits), the poultry are given constant access to fresh-growing palatable vegetation, with movable or stationary houses utilized for shelter.
The egg mobile provides shelter from the elements, protection from predators, a clean, private space to lay eggs, and a place to roost at night.

Why should people be willing to pay more for pastured poultry? Craig says, “Doing things right takes more time. We devote hundreds of hours from May through November just moving  the egg mobiles across our fields.  This evenly distributes the manure on the pastures while providing the birds with fresh air and continually clean fields where they can express their natural behaviors like scratching and foraging, roosting and dust bathing.  And sunshine is a wonderful natural disinfectant.  The eggs and meat are then healthier for us to enjoy”.