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Nose to Tail

Nose to Tail

Douglas Gayeton/Lexicon of Sustainability

Nose to Tail

Nose to Tail:  Using every cut and offal (internal organs and entrails) from an animal, that has been treated with respect, to feed a community.

This head will either become head cheese, porchetta di testa, pork stock, or maybe even get braised.

Matt is a chef.

Matt says:
“When buying whole animals it is important to use everything. It shows respect for an animal that gave its life to feed us. So this means trying not to waste it.” He makes “porchetta di testa” from the head, brined and grilled shoulder steaks, bacon, smoked and grilled ribs, whole bone in Loin-cut chops, tenderloin for Canadian bacon, guanciale from jowls, braised and fried ears, pickled tongue, pork liver mousse, braised trotters (used to make croquettes) and lastly sausage made from all the trimmings.