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Introduction to Edible Education

Introduction to Edible Education

Edible Education begins with simply believing there's a better way; having the faith that we really do have the power to improve the culture of health and wellness in our schools and communities. In an effort to accomplish this, we must first have faith in ourselves, our workplace, and in our community. They say, “Faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we do not see.”

Faith in Edible Education is knowing that what we do can and will affect our complex food system—a food system that is making our kids sick and doing untold harm to our planet. Where do we begin? Here's the challenge: we must be willing to change personally. We must be willing to open our hearts and our minds to allow powerful changes into our own lives; changes that will lead to physical, mental and spiritual health. Then we must become advocates for this change, by providing Edible Education to our students, staff and communities.

Community change can start with a school garden. Perhaps it will grow to sourcing food from an organic farm or writing a grant to improve food service facilities. Over time we build partnerships and extend the education to families and community. Whatever the course, we must take that first step, create that first project and keep the faith.

In essence, Edible Education ensures the connection between classroom, cafeteria and community. It ensures nutrition education that not only has the power to change the food system, but has the power to change our students’ lives.