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Grassfed vs. Cornfed

Grassfed vs. Cornfed

Location: Skagit River Ranch, Sedro Woolley, Washington

For George and Eiko, when profit is the only motive, food is mass-produced without concern for food nutritional values, animal welfare, or the environment.

To them, a sustainable farm is one that produces quality livestock or crops year after year without chemical fertilizer or pesticide inputs of any kind. Such a process financially sustains both a farm's operations and the family whose lives depend upon it. The biggest threats they face are the shortage of unadulterated agricultural land which they can lease in order to grow their business and the increasingly restrictive government regulations directed at small farmers.

They heritage breed seen here dates back to the 50's, a time when animals were much more efficient at grass conversion, before their genetics were re-engineered for feed lot production. It takes cattle 6 to 8 months to grow on grass, but this means the animals lead longer, healthier lives.

Organic Feed

Organic Feed

Organic Feed

Organic feed is a feed designed to mimic a chicken's natural diet:

1. Trace minerals

2. Seaweed

3. Diverse grains

4. No corn

5. Rock powders

6. Carbon humates

7. Sprouted wheat, barley, and oats.

Location: Skagit River Ranch, Sedro-Woolley, WA

Featuring: Eiko and George Vojkovich of Skagit River Ranch