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Culinary Breeding Network: Variety Showcase

Culinary Breeding Network: Variety Showcase

Culinary Breeding Network-Variety Showcase

Culinary Breeding Network: Variety Showcase

The inspiration that led to the birth of the Culinary Breeding Network: enter Lane Selman, an agricultural researcher at Oregon State University. Selman works with diversified organic vegetable farmers, helping them better manage disease and pest related problems. Selman began her work on potatoes and knew that the particular variety of a plant can determine whether it grows in a hearty manner or succumbs to disease or pest damage. The 1840 great potato famine in Ireland is a case in point. There are certain potato varieties that are highly resistant to the disease (potato blight, but farmers in Ireland only grew three or four different types of potatoes (despite the face there are hundreds of potato varieties in the world).

Plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, and chefs unite to provide better food for eaters. The Culinary Breeding Network (CBN) hopes to “bridge the gap between breeders and eaters” to improve the quality and diversity of commercially available vegetable varieties and to enhance the culinary experience.

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