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The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja

Burrito Gases: The Field of Beans - Green Ninja Show

The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja is a fun way to introduce middle school aged children (and even older children and adults) about the science behind climate change. The video series was created by climate scientist Eugene Cordero and his San José State University team. Many of the videos focus our food system, and what kids can do to make more climate friendly choices in their everyday lives.

"Burrito Gases" (above), for instance, explores the different levels of greenhouse gases released during the production of beef, chicken, and veggie burritos. "Iron Green Chef," "The Baiting Game: A Quiz Show Yields Some Fishy Results," "The Incredible Edible Everything: A Tale of Two Gardens," "Dumpsta Diva: Take the Plunge!" and "Do the Worm Bin!" all cover important aspects of our food system in an engaging manner.

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