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Harvey Ussery's 3 Criteria for Superior Poultry Feed

Harvey Ussery's 3 Criteria for Superior Poultry Feed

Harvey Ussery has 3 main criteria for superior poultry feed: live, raw, and produced from the homesteader’s own resources. Motivations to grow one’s own poultry feed can range from an economic standpoint as a desire to be more independent of purchased inputs to an ethical standpoint as a conscious and caring provider. The task of providing organic feed to poultry does not have to be daunting, for chickens, ducks, and geese are natural foragers. Growing a mix of grain grasses with crucifers greens provides all the essentials. Harvey recommends comfrey plants, stinging nettle, and dandelions as bountiful, excellent sources of proteins, minerals, and vitamins for the foraging birds. Not only are birds foragers for greens, but also for wild seeds, and live insects within the dynamic micro-ecosystem. Farmers can sprout as an “added value” to boost the protein, vitamin, and enzyme content in poultry diet, which is a great method for cold winters.  Watch Harvey Ussery’s talk on Natural Feed with Chelsea Green Publishing for more tips and resources for successfully raising organically fed poultry.

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