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TED Talk: Why Not Eat Insects?

TED Talk: Why Not Eat Insects?

Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?

TED Talk: Why Not Eat Insects?

Marcel Dicke talks about the many benefits of eating insects.

Check out this TED talk about the many environmental and health benefits of eating insects. Marcel Dicke, a professor of Entomology at Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands, has been researching the benefits of eating insects for years. Dicke points out that in the coming century, the global population will increase exponentially, so we will need to produce more food. Producing insects as a source of protein is much more efficient than the production of meat. Insects require less space, less food, and produce less waste than the animals we eat today, especially the large mammals like cows and pigs. Additionally, about 80 percent of the global population today eats insects on occasion, but the practice is stigmatized in the US and Europe. In order for us to face the issues of a growing population, the West will have to overcome this stigma -- eating insects just makes sense environmentally.

Dicke also points out that insects are a delicacy in many countries, and they can be prepared in delicious ways. And, we already eat insects in a variety of other processed forms since it is legal for certain foods to contain trace amounts of insects.

Dicke’s talk is so convincing that we are not left asking why we should eat insects, but when we will be able to. Have you eaten insects? If not, would you? How about the chocolate covered insects in the video?

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