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Slow Food is the world’s largest food organization devoted to cultivating leaders and communities to change the food system to one that is good, clean fair for all. Today, we are the sweet spot between tradition and innovation, urban and rural, local and global, rich and poor, old and young, denim and white linen — in short we strive for joy with justice in food.

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(SLOW) Fast Food

(SLOW) Fast Food

Location: Farm Burger, Decatur, GA

Featuring: Chef Terry Koval and George, the owner

Farm Burger is not your typical fast food joint. Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger. Their meat comes from their cooperative, Moonshine Meats, where animals are raised on a local grass diet. Their animals are never introduced to antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. More impressively, they implement a nose-to-tail cuisine, as the whole animal is used between Farm Burger and their sister restaurant, Farm 255. From farm to table, the beef is handled with passionate hands and all other ingredients in the restaurant come from local farmers.

As Chef Terry says, “It is all about the ingredients, the people who provide them, and the places they come from.”

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