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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Central Arava Valley, Israel

DRIP IRRIGATION A system of plastic tubing with sophisticated drippers spaced at a set distance that enables the slow, precise and targeted application of water and nutrients to a specific location at the root of the plant in a way which maximizes water utilization while preventing water evaporation, runoff and waste.

1) expands the growing season on a farm
2)reduce moisture loss to evaporation
3)protect against invasive plant species and pests to reduce for pesticides
4)reduce + control radiation for some crops

Farmers in Israel’s Negev Desert deal with water scarcity, high soil salinity and harsh climate conditions. “Moses got water from a stone” says Naty Barok of Netafim, “But he forgot to share this precious technology with us, so we had to invent drip irrigation.” Ibrahim manages Ein Hatzeva’s water operations (and he does it using his smart phone)
IN 1965 SIMCHA BLASS AND NETAFIM INVENTED THE WORLD’S FIRST DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM. 60% of Israel is desert. With Water scarcity now a national crisis, this desert region could not survive without drip irrigation. It enables farmers here to be more efficient and grow better crops with the limited resources (water, land, energy, manpower) they have. Naty feels that drip irrigation allows for “sustainable productivity,” enabling farmers to maximize food production with the lowest environmental impact. The only way to overcome this crisis is through innovation and technology, and drip irrigation is at the front of innovation + technology.

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