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Water supply has long been a key issue in California. Today it is no less critical, especially given the years of drought that California is experiencing, lending additional impetus to assessing the... Read more
By The Sprout, 24 min 13 sec ago
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Back in the 1950s, the new "in thing" in the U. S. was Italian food. Italian restaurants sprang up all over, and Americans began sitting in red leather banquettes slurping up spaghetti. An offshoot... Read more
By The Sprout, Apr 16
SEOUL, South Korea ― Chung Sun-hee finely crushes eggshells, dries and saves her coffee grounds, and separates large vegetable offcuts into smaller pieces. Later, the 55-year-old professional... Read more
By The Sprout, Apr 16
“When we think about the challenges in agriculture, carbon—and how to sequester it—is near the top. ” So said Roger Johnson, the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU), in opening the... Read more
By The Sprout, Apr 16
Each year, there is a staggering 8 million tons of plastic finding its way into our oceans. Among these are the plastic straws that are used daily. The United States alone uses and discards about... Read more
By The Sprout, Apr 15