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Understanding who grows your food, the quality of that food, and how it gets to you is a transformative pedagogy that leads to economic development and the creation of community.

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Horticultural Literacy

Horticultural Literacy

Location: Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, East Point, GA

Featuring: Urban Farmers K. Rashid Nuri and Eugene

K. Rashid Nuri built an urban farm where there had once been an Atlanta housing project. “Food is integral to the overall development of any community,” he says. “It is the beginning and the end. Sharing food with another human being is one of the most intimate experiences you can have. But it’s not just about something to eat, just as food deserts are about more than geography; they happen where jobs are scarce and education is poor. That’s why Truly Living Well provides more than just quality food through its markets and CSAs. They use workshops, summer camps and a variety of other educational tools to engage the community.”

Farmville Goes Local

Farmville Goes Local

Farmville 2 is an online game that rewards players for growing a variety of crops and producing goods for their community. The game features over fifty types of fruits and vegetables, plus another fifty types of trees, with new varieties added each week. The game also includes many exotic livestock ranging from Chianina cows to Polish Silver Laced chickens. Players earn points, both alone and with other players, by harvesting crops and creating value-added products like Elderberry Tea and Apple Sauce.

Farmville helps kids learn about eating in season, local food hubs, and biodiversity.

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