FAQ | Lexicon of Food

Check out these most commonly asked questions. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Email us.

1. What is the best way to browse the site? 

The Lexicon of Food is based on the most important terms and principles related to food.

You can use the main menu to explore the topics that interest you most. To learn about the solutions taking off in our food system today check out the Food List, a collection of trusted voices exploring the movement. If you are interested in a particular term, search for that word using the search tool in the main navigation bar, or explore Lexicon's Word Wall. You may also choose to explore the themes of the food system including information on Soil, Edible Education, Urban Farming & more.

2. How do I contribute to the conversation?

As a Lexicon of Food member you can create your own profile, comment on posts, star (save) your favorite articles to your profile, create posts under the terms you are most interested in, or ask the community questions.

3. How did you choose the terms in this Lexicon?

Over the past four years we conducted hundreds of interviews to create a truly crowd sourced, peer-reviewed taxonomy of the actual words people use most when they talk about food. However, this collection of terms is far from complete. It awaits your own definitions for these terms and for you to suggest more terms as we continue to expand the lexicon. Join the conversation!

4. How do you choose themes for the Food List?

Beginning in June 2014 we consulted with a passionate collection of writers, foodmakers, educators, activists, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to select 52 key themes that people consider when they talk about food. For our second year we will focus on a range of provocative nutrition and culinary themes.

5. What are your future plans for the site?

From the beginning, the Lexicon has sought to provide food producers and consumers with a common language that brings transparency to an otherwise opaque and anonymous food system. As our Lexicon of Food platform expands, new features will accelerate this transformation in our food system by providing users with tools to build community and conversation around the ideas that matter most.

6. How are you funded?

As an L3C social benefit corporation, we receive funding support from both investors and a small group of forward thinking foundations, including 11th Hour, Zynga Foundation, Comptons, Grace and the Food & Farming Communications Fund. Learn more about how you too can support the Lexicon of Food’s future development here.