True Cost Accounting is the process by which the full costs and benefits of different food and farming systems are identified, quantified and made transparent with the aim of ensuring that in future these are fully reflected in the cost of production for farmers, including the prices they receive for their product and the affordability of food for consumers and in relation to their impacts on the environment and public health for society as a whole.

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True Cost Accounting

True Cost Accounting

Douglas Gayeton

True Cost Accounting

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True Cost Accounting is the practice that accounts for all external costs -environmental, social, and economic - generated by the creation of a product.

What is not factored into the true cost of corn? Farm subsidies you pay through your personal income taxes, pollution of local drinking water due to contamination by petrochemical herbicides, pollution of waterways and oceans due to nitrogen fertilizer runoff, and loss of vital soil nutrients and topsoil through mono-crop farming practices are just some of the hidden costs.

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