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Turning the basic ingredients of flour, yeast, water and salt into good bread takes artistry, finesse. What a good baker can produce with these simple ingredients is nothing short of alchemy. Such bread is meant to be enjoyed fresh.

If you don't insist on artistry, then you have to replace it with sugar, preservatives, cheap fats and industrial ingredients, like diglycerides. Because without artistry, flour, water, yeast and salt aren't very palatable.

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Know Your Baker

Know Your Baker

Know Your Baker

Location: Della Fattoria, Petaluma, CA

Featuring: Della Fattoria's bakers and propieters, The Weber Family, Kathleen, Ed, Elisa, and Aaron

Art should be local. Friends should be local. Merchants should be local. Services should be local. Bread should be local.

Kathleen Weber believes “Making bread is like spinning straw into gold. You use very humble ingredients to create something beautiful, nourishing, and delicious.”

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